Friday, 17 December 2010

Doodles, days off and ultrasounds

Hey folks,

Those of you who may know already I have been suffering from abdominal pain for the last month. Today I had a scan which eliminated gallstones or liver problems; everything fine apparently. So it's more or less a mystery for now :/

Yesterday and today I took some time off, was feeling mildly burnt out and cranky. Felt good to do nothing, so ofc I doodled. Little bit of practice R&R really, no pressure. Most of my colour work lately has started off greyscale then coloured over that to get the values right so decided to challenge myself and go straight in with colour. Turned out pretty well (and yes the self portrait is supposed to look cranky!)

Also in freelancery i've been working on various fun things and one, Dark Harvest: Legend of Frankenstein, was announced where I found out my work is being printed alongside the superfab Scott Purdy! He's a bit good and a cool friend to have :) (which reminds me Scott, need to send you an email ;))

So things I suppose are good :) Changed my hair up a bit and lightened the ends ombre style just for giggles, it's almost Christmas so I can spend time with the folks and see the inlaws for Hogmanay in the highlands, with cocktails as per :) Andrew and I have decided not to get each other presents and instead save some cash for when we get a kitten for it's vets bits and bobs and general cat paraphernalia.

So if I don't post before then have a rocking Christmas and Hogmanay :D

Love Me xxx


  1. I hope you can figure out what's wrong with your gears and springs soon. :/ Have you tried changing your diet to see if it might be an allergy or intolerance to something?

    Glad to hear freelance is going well!

  2. Thanks Chel :)

    It's Dark Harvest: LEGACY of Frankenstein, dunno what I was on that day XD