Sunday, 26 September 2010

Rowena teh zombie WIP5

Well, gonna call it a night. 1:43am and i'm up for fun rather than work. If I don't go to bed now i'll never get up and tomorrow is a busy day :)

Pleased with the results, that Hepworth character knows what he's talking about!

Rowena teh zombie WIP4

Decided that all my grey work IS TOO DAMN DARK! So, took some advice from Andy Hepworth and working between 10-60% grey then darkening/highlighting at the end. Happy so far :)

Saturday, 4 September 2010


Hi watchers and new time viewers :)

Sorry for the disgusting lack of updates but I have been working like a mad thing AND moving house AND started a new fitness regime (woo!)

Got a little update for you guys, a nice little treat since Aunty Rowena hasn't visited in a while.

Here is a full page illy I did for Necromancer's upcoming release, Fane of the Fallen. Really proud of everything I produced for the project and everyone at Necro/Frog God have been superawesome to work with. Long may it continue!