Thursday, 2 December 2010

I'm ALIVE... kinda

Yes, long time no post. Lot has changed; now full-time freelance and struck with gallstones WOO! Talk about making life easy?

Day 13 of feeling like crap and resigned myself to the fact i'm gonna feel like shit regardless of what I do so i'm knuckling down. So far this afternoon i've got a commission finished and a folio piece done which I started AGES ago. But it's done now. All in all a productive afternoon apart from stabbing pains and having to make coffee by boiling a pan of water since the kettle assploded the other day. This causes fun when one remembers an hour later that there was a pan on the stove full of useful hot water.

So yes, also nuked the folio and doing new stuff for that inbetween work and gallbladder attacks.

So, enjoy.


  1. O_O You poor! Awwww, man.. :(

  2. Oh wow, I didn't know you had quit the day job! I know it's hard, but work through the pain!!! >o<

    Love the zombie picture. :)