Monday, 16 May 2011

This is good, but also bad

Right, come to a stinking realisation. The next piece I am very proud of but it has also taught me an important lesson.

I loved working on this and I think it's a great image HOWEVER I spent too long on it.

See the problem with working digitally is the ability to zoom in, and while it is good practice not to zoom in past 100% which I rarely do these days working @100% on a 1/4 page illo is a complete and utter waste of time. Now when working @100% I do keep a window @ print size of the same piece so I can track progress but sometimes you get sucked in to the little folds and creases. Half an hour passes then you glance at the print size piece and lo you can barely make out that bit of spit and polish on Crumbly's face.

So what am I going to try and do this week? That's right work on my pieces on screen at print size ONLY.

So attached is the finished image for Frog God Games for Hex3, a comparison between 100% and print size (for ref my screen res is 1920x1200 but i've cut the toolbar off at the bottom) and the line work just cause I liked it.

In a way i'm a little bit pissed off but then if I learn from it then that makes this piece very valuable. Even if I deleted that piece right now the knowledge would have been gained (although payment would not find it's lovely way into my bank account).

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