Thursday, 10 December 2009

This is getting finished tomorrow if it kills me

...and it probably will since i'll be at work for most of the afternoon and evening.

There are some things I love about this painting, some things I like and some things that i'm not sure about.

Bob (shield dude) has a good pose and he will be what shall be rather challenging with 2+ lightsources and a cast shadow from Bernie (the dragon).

Maybe i've just got 'i've been staring at this too long' syndrome. I don't think it sucks by any stretch but some things need work. The addition of the blue into Bernie's mouth fire was a good move, will try and get more accents of blue in, especially from the flame hitting the shield.

Think for painting Bob i'll switch the dragon layers off (don't worry it's not my normal epic layering; just the body, the head and I think a little caustics).

Crits welcomed, if not encouraged :D

Why do I have this fascination with really dark images, with soft lighting in square comps lately?

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