Saturday, 25 September 2010

Rowena teh zombie WIP3

That's all for now, need to do work :)


  1. It's gotten a lot darker (which is ok for a dramatic effect), but it lost a lot of the mid range values and a big part of the image is very high in contrast. That kind of breaks it apart and makes it a bit difficult to read.

    If I was confident enough to make suggestions, I'd suggest to do some blending. ;)
    Have contrast where it's important and where you want the viewer to look, lose edges and sharp value jumps elsewhere.

    (also one minor thing - the eyes looked scarier before you made them smaller, the eye-white stood out.)

  2. Thanks Jan :) I agree, made it far too contrasty. Was looking at the older wip and preferred it then. Going to go back and tweak it.

    Thanks for watching and the crit :)