Thursday, 26 November 2009

Drawing, or lack thereof.

This week has not been good (in a drawing sense).

I haven't done any artwork since Saturday, a fact which has annoyed me quite a lot.

Had an uber tech prob with my pc, windows7 and wacom compatability which meant most of Sunday and all of Monday was spent backing up, formatting, reinstalling and messing about with wacom drivers.

Tuesday I was working and due to inlaws staying I was mostly tidying and crashing after a hard day and little sleep.

Yesterday was Andrew's brother's Graduation, congrats Robin for getting your Batchelors in Software Engineering. His folks and half brother and girlfriend were down and a good time was had by all. Shame for Andrew who had to go to work this morning (haha).

So now my day is free and I will be popping down to the art shop for some bits for my sister's christmas present; portrait of Oliver (aka Snoogles/little shit) her 14lb blue-point ragdoll cat.

It'll be a lot of work but not done a big traditional piece in a long time so really looking forward to it!

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