Sunday, 15 November 2009

Weekend thumbs & doodles + dragon

Well I had a jolly nice trip home, feel relaxed and refreshed and had some nice comp ideas for the next dragon. I mainly thumbed and did some doodles while watching "Have I got news for you" with Mum and the cat rolling around on a rug like it was having a fit.

Feel happier about this dragon painting but something isnt right. Contempating angling the dragon's head so it's more looking at the knight on the ledge with one eye, but unsure.

Crits uberhugely welcome and needed. Unfortunately won't be able to work on this much on Mon and Tues but hopefully the evenings will serve me well. Good ol' pay-the-bills job; blessing and a curse.

Anyhoo gonna go and dry my mountain of hair and probably sit in bed doodling, or more likely, play a bit more borderlands THEN sit in bed doodling and then cursing the fact I should have gone to sleep earlier.

Oh wells!

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