Monday, 16 November 2009

Sometimes you can't be precious about your art

Fitting title as I feel, and probably look like, Gollum.

Was only at work for 5 1/2 hours but it took it out of me but had a mad urge to draw when I got back after a chillaxing borderlands sesh.

The dragon painting is giving me jipp, I think I was too precious about the head and I reckon it's going to have to change and possibly will be based on the one of the insane doodles below (btw that's an A1 drawing board).

9am start tomorrow at me job so as much as I want to sit and paint til my eyes bleed, I can't; otherwise i'll be a total zombie in the marnin.

Might take a total break from this and sketch up the sky/cloud/wind dragon thumbs I did at the weekend.


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