Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Sea Dragon

Well, not a sketch but a WIP. Think it needs more caustics and the eye is bothering me. Got Jon Hodgson's book 'Fantasy Art for Beginners' in the post from Amazon today, looks a great read and will be reading it shortly with a mug of hot blackcurrant.

Crits would be super :)


  1. I really really like the rendering on the creature. In that respect I think you hand;ed it really well. However, the background doesn't feel at all integrated with the creature, and so right now it feels very pasted on the background. Otherwise, great work.

  2. welcome to the blogosphere!!! Wheres the past two days sketches eh!?

    Nice work btw, digging this guy, nicely painted

    ken :D

  3. Shh... fireworks, other commitments and not feeling too well have played a factor. I have worked on the dragon today so technically I should post something!