Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sea Dragon Finished!

It's not technically a sketch but I did spend a good deal of my Sunday on it so it'll have to do!

My hand is a lot better, was actually starting to get a little worried about it but it's fine. Also the disorientated feeling has gone, not sure what caused that.

I start my temp job tomorrow and I still haven't been told when I am working, other than when I have to be in tomorrow (but not when I finish, oddly, despite asking).

Supremely pleased! Great crits from Andy Hepworth, Patrick McEvoy and Paul Canavan. Decided that I like using the color mode on brushes now, WHAT!, I hear you cry YOU WERN'T USING IT BEFORE...nope.

Anymahoo, sure there was something I was meant to do tonight but my brain is saying 'nah, can't have been'.

Probably something really important...meh.

Anyhoo enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. You did VERY good.. brilliant lighting Row!